Ultimate Finger Nails Design for Valentine Day

In the digital world, every girl wants to be elegant and gorgeous from another girl. Valentine day is coming, and every girl wants to look beautiful in front of other girls with their boyfriend. If you also want to look elegant on valentine day, then you must choose some best Nail Art Designs for the big day. Fingernails are one of the most important and vital body parts of the girls. The fingernails are the only part where boys look first, and if your fingernails are not good, then you can easily lose a boy you like and love.

Here some fingernails design for the valentine day:

• Candy Striper: One of the incredible nail designs for the girls which you can apply in your fingernails. For this nail design, you will need two different types of nail color. But the red and pink combination is the best for this nail design. For applying this nail color on fingernails, you can use the tape half in your fingernail and then you can apply the color on one side and give a perfect look for this nail design.

• Side Through: This nail design is simple yet elegant for the girls on the day of Valentine. If you want to look gorgeous and sober on valentine day, then this nail design is perfect for you. Just add some little bit of pink shade in the nails and apply with the white in another half of nail.

• Cheetah: Don't get wrong by applying on the fingernails of color of orange and black strips. Why not try the pink color with dark pink strips. The pink color is the perfect color for this Nail Art Designs.

• Cherry Bomb: One of the most attractive nail designs for girls on valentine day. Try the dark red color on your fingernails and make the ultimate nail design son your fingernails. This design gives you the modern and elegant look on the valentine day.